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Be a King or Queen for an Evening

Last month, our ten year old daughter, who is in love with Louis IV and all of his trappings begged us to have a Royal dinner party in which everyone came dressed as royalty, gave themselves royal names, and ate in a royal fashion. Putting her off for longer than we would like to admit, we sat down one day and talked about what this dinner party would be like.


"Royal costumes! Everyone has to come dressed like some royalty. They can be a King, a Prince, a Duke, or a Countess. I am of course, Comtess Zoe-Pascale de Saxe Roux of Languedoc, Rousillion."




Now, being a tween she was also aware of the fact that some of her friends might think she was "uncool" and therefore wanted to invite family friends. At first we tried to dissuade her, but realized she had actually come up with a solution to the problem she felt (operative word, felt) she had which was not to be "uncool."


In her eloquent Franglais, she crafted the Royal invitation and sent it out to a few family friends asking them to RSVP with their titles and come appropriately dressed. To our surprise, all the invitees answered with hysterical messages that asked, "Where should we park the carriage and horses?" "Will there be water for the horses?"


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Fast and Easy ways to declutter for Springtime

Springtime is my favorite time of year when the sun shines, the days get longer, the flowers bloom and it’s my birthday. Springtime is a time to clean out, clean up, and declutter our selves spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It is the time of rebirth and putting a bit of spring into our step. 


As Oprah wrote about in her latest issue of Oprah Magazine, “it is time to declutter.”


A terrific way to start March. Following are a couple of suggestions on bringing more health, joy, and good feeling into your life both in business and at home.


Clean out closets, file cabinets, boxes, junk drawers, and email inboxes.


Clothes: Make a pile to give away, sell to consignment or repair/tailor


  • Get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in a year

  • Get rid of anything you don’t like, doesn’t make you feel good, or doesn’t look good on you—Be brutal!

  • Organize your clothes by color and toss half the black sweaters that don’t fit right.






  • ·        Throw away the old files that aren’t critical (ie. Financial and tax documents). If you haven’t used it in 2 years clean it out and only keep the most important

  • ·        Work files are often useless after 1 year. If you can get it on the computer, internet or web get rid of it. It only holds you down

  • ·        Pretend you just lost everything in an earthquake or flood, what do you really wish you still had?


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