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Lifestyle Strategic Planning

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If you are eager, anxious, and ready to move forward with creating the life you want, partnering with a lifestyle coach may be just the catalyst you need to move ideas into action.


Lifestyle Strategic Planning and Coaching is for successful professionals who are voluntarily or involuntarily leaving the corporate world and seeking a different lifestyle; a lifestyle that encompasses all of your life not just work.

 Our work is built on the best of strategic planning, personal analysis, creativity and intuition. We will be your guide and help you gain clarity and discover what you truly want your life to look like. Our focus is not just on careers, the entrepreneur business you want to create, or the pre-retirement work you want to engage in, but on the lifestyle you want to live and the work that will support your vision. Together we will look at critical areas that make up your future lifestyle.  

 Through our work together you will be developing and executing on a strategic plan that will guide you in creating the lifestyle you want.

 The first step is to take inventory of your life and deepen your understanding of what you want by creating a compelling vision that will carry you through the journey. All your decisions are driven by the vision you hold for your life and what you are committed to achieving. Having a strong impelling vision will encourage you to make small and large decisions that affect your ability to move forward to create the life you want or keep you from treading water. This personal lifestyle vision will propel you into action and keep you focused on a daily basis.


As your partner in this journey, we will work with you, as you, to design a plan, set goals, eliminate obstacles and roadblocks, become clear on your true commitments and get the buy-in from others who will be with you on this journey. Through the ups and downs of creating the life you want we will keep on asking powerful questions to sustain your journey as you create the lifestyle of your dreams.


Along the way we will provide you with tools to lift your spirit and discover yourself once again as well as coach you to achieve one action step at a time.


 Lifestyle Strategic Planning and Coaching

What you can expect


  • Are you ready to make some choices and decisions about how you want to live and work in the next phase of life?
  • Are you wanting to create a balanced life that allows you to be healthy, joyful and have meaning and purpose?
  • Are you wanting to develop an entrepreneurial business and have a life too?

Then this is the place for you. It is now time to focus on you.
It is now time to begin to create the lifestyle you want in the next phase of life.


Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux coaches you through a Lifestyle Strategic Planning and heart centered process that will clarify, motivate, and move you into action in creating the life you want.  Using a proven methodology you will design your strategic lifestyle plan. Simultaneously we use proven coaching technology to empower you to tap into both the rational and intuitive sides of your brain to develop a plan, that will sustain you in your next phase of life.

Our approach combines the best of strategic planning and the best practices of coaching, psychology, and transition management. You have the insights, intuition, creativity, and ideas. We add direct value in facilitating the strategic lifestyle planning process. We ask you the right questions at the right time, listen to underlying themes, help you to get unstuck and encourage you to move through obstacles. We coach you to achieve the lifestyle you need and want in order to flourish in the next phase of life.

Through this process you will uncover what is right for you, unveil the truth about who you are at your core, clearly define what you want to do with the next phase of your life and how to live freely in your full potential, in happiness, alignment and harmony.

For those who have spouses, life partners or other family members that need to buy into your plan we work with you to determine the best way to involve them in the process. This can happen through direct participation, feedback, brainstorming conversations, or mini presentations. The goal is to bring them along as you evolve your strategic lifestyle plan so they become a partner as you move forward.


 You will walk away with:    

  • Real clarity on the direction you want to go in your life
  • An assessment of the current balance in your life - from relationships and leisure to career and finances
  • Identification of priorities enabling you to make startegic choices about where to create more balance in your lifestyle
  • A deep understanding and assessment of  how you want to balance your life overall health, environment, spiritual, life long learning, financial, leisure, relationships, and career/entrepreneurial/meaningful work) 
  • An impactful personal vision that will keep you motivated and engaged
  • A Lifestyle Strategic Plan that includes your vision, lifestyle mission statement, five bold goals and outcomes, a detailed action plan,  support needed, supporting beliefs, success criteria, and timeframes

  • A new perspective, hope, and excitement about the next phase of your life





In conjunction with the Lifestyle Strategic Planning System we will be using a variety of tools such as the Lifestyle Wheel.



We will work with you to not only develop the plan, but guide you in getting buy-in and commitment from important people in your life that will support you in the process.


We Go Beyond the Vision and the Design and coach you through Execution

Lifestyle coaching does not stop, however, with just the vision and strategic plan. We will be with you as you execute on the plan to inspire, empower, encourage, recommend, and consult as required to move forward. Everyone has different needs, shifting timelines and priorities, and varying degrees of urgency. As your Lifestyle Coach we will continue to support you through the journey as needed.

Why Us?

Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D., and Jean P. Roux, Ph.D. LMFT, are highly trained and skillful professionals who have recreated themselves through a variety of life transitions as individuals, a couple, and parents of a young daughter. As your coach we will work with you strategically and in the moment. The results will be a clear strategic plan for yourself and possibly your partner / family. This plan will guide you in the execution resulting in achieving your goals in all areas of your life in a balanced way. If desired, consulting is available as you move into the execution of specific aspects of the overall plan.

Contact us for a complimentary introductory coaching session and find out what Lifestyle and Entrepreneurial Strategic Planning and Coaching can do for you. This one click can make the difference between moving forward on your dreams or staying stuck in wishing something would change. 



Work - Life Balance

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Work –Life Balance

There are three parts to organizations creating work-life balance or what might be seen as the three legged stool. 


Part I: Family friendly policies, benefits, career ladders

Many organizations today have found that in order to hire and retain great people, the organization needs to put into place some baseline policies and benefits. These include such items as good benefits including family healthcare, policies that embrace the changes in people’s lives (i.e. birth of a child, young children at home, school age children, aging parents), flexible schedules, part time work, work from home options, and the desire to move up the ladder but not always as a manager.


These benefits and policies are the first step in hiring, retaining, and promoting great people that can be productive because the environment supports needs they might have at different times in their lives.


Part II: Manager/ Team culture and implicit behaviors


Managers and therefore the teams they lead have their own cultures which may or may not support work/life balance. Take for instance a manager who is at work at 7 am and stays until 7 pm. Even if s/he does not say a word, the manager’s behavior sends a message to the team, long hours is important. If however, the manager takes off on Wed at 4pm to coach their child’s soccer team, the message changes slightly. That is until the employees begin to see waves of emails sent that night from 9-11pm. Every behavior by each individual is observed and becomes the norm for what is expected and what will be tolerated, whether implicit or explicit.


What is critical is that managers and teams discuss the work/life balance culture. What are the norms? What is permissible and what is seem as excessive? How are they measured, by hours, productivity, or client results? Is office time always necessary or are can everyone benefit from some days when professionals work at home?


The key is to make all Work/life balance behaviors visible and explicit.


Part III:  Individual


The individual must also take responsibility for designing the type of work/life balance they need at each specific stage in their life. This requires an understanding of their goals and how they want to both develop professionally and personally and how the lifestyle that will create work/life balance that is healthy and productive.


The activities and time spent in other aspects of each employee’s life is found to be equally beneficial back in the workplace. Research has shown that relationship and team skills practiced outside the workplace are similar within the work environment and vice-a versa. Integrating dual work/life learning enhances the individual as a family member, a community citizen, and a high performing employee.


 Creating Work/Life Balance Cultures, Teams, and Individuals

Balancing the 3 legged stool is key to hiring, retaining, and developing a high performing workforce. It is not just the organization’s responsibility, or the managers, or the individuals, but it takes all three.


Contact Suzanne for more consulting or key note speeches on Work-Life Balance

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Executive Coaching

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"High impact leadership coaching for executives, managers and high potential individuals is found to be the most effective way to change behavior and enhance performance that directly impact business results."
Public Personnel Management Magazine

Business Issue


In today’s changing environment, companies depend on their leaders, managers and high potential professionals to lead the company in their strategic direction. As a result, they are asked to perform at higher levels than ever before. At critical times during a leader’s career, interventions are needed to accelerate performance; from training, to consulting, to individualized coaching.


Study after study has shown accelerated and significant results by pairing coaching with training*. Our research has shown that training alone increases performance on average 25%. When followed by coaching, performance improvement rises to 70%.


Leadership Coaching Solutions

To accelerate performance of managers as leaders and have high impact results, we offer accelerated leadership coaching programs for leaders, managers, and professionals. This service is often paired with professional development programs to maximize learning.


Our highly personalized coaching services focus on the following areas:


¨ Performance Coaching

¨ Issues-Based Coaching

¨ Skills-Based Coaching

¨ Continuous Improvement Coaching

- Work - Life Balance


As certified executive coaches, we facilitate an individualized process to increase professional effectiveness and business results. The Saxe-Roux executive and manager coaching program is performance based and focuses on achieving results for leaders and their organizations.


Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching may include, but is not limited to the following services:

¨ Contract for coaching sessions

¨ Goal setting with specific measurable objectives

¨ Series of coaching sessions: in-person and/or by phone

¨ Observation of coachee

¨ Interviews with managers, clients, and direct reports

¨ Measurable outcomes, process and goal achievement

¨ Personal profile: self-assessment

¨ Personality style assessments (i.e. Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strengths Finders)

¨ 360º feedback assessment by direct reports, peers and/or clients

¨ Profile of leadership or professional style

¨ Ongoing feedback and action learning assignments

¨ Telephone and email access in-between sessions as needed


Targeted Coaching

Coaching may include, but is not limited to the following:

¨ Self-awareness of interpersonal relations and communications

¨ Communication with others at various levels

¨ Presence and professionalism

¨ Behavior change as defined during contract session

¨ Strategic leadership

¨ Receiving and giving feedback

¨ Performance improvement

¨ Managing change and transitions

¨ Managing conflict and difficult conversations

¨ Problem solving and strategic thinking

¨ Expatriate, leadership issues and transition adjustment


Consulting Services


At times leaders may need an outside facilitator to work with their teams to achieve goals, develop strategic plans, manage conflict, and build high performing teams. Suzanne's expert facilitation and consulting can help leaders work through these issues to produce the results you are after.



Download Handouts for Executive Coaching and Facilitation Services 


For more information contact Dr.Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D. at suzanne (at)


Also you might be interested in Facilitation Services for meetings, trainings, and strategic planning.

 and Work-Life Balance


People & Organizational Development

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 People and Organizational Development
Professional Facilitation and Executive Coaching

People and Organizational Development

Meet your business results by increasing your leadership, sales, service capabilities



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Grow your business through your people. They are the ones who have the ideas, the innovation, the relationships with customers, and the brain power to move you to the next level. Suzanne Saxe-Roux helps clients to develop and execute on their strategies through people.  

Suzanne provides an outside, big-picture perspective for clients, broadening their thinking, and partnering with them by bringing the best thought-leaders to your organization to successfully execute on people development strategies.

1. Assess the Needs

 Understanding what the real problems and challenges are is the key to increasing both productivity, achieving results and ensuring both success and satisfaction at all levels; organizationally and individually

What are you trying to accomplish? What results do you want? What skills or motivation is needed? What processes and tools are getting in the way?

Understanding the key issues is the first step in achieving the desired results


2. Measure the Results
What does success look like? How will you know that you have moved the needle and that the results you want are achievable, realistic, and a stretch as well?

3. Executing on the Strategy

Achieving Results is all about execution. A strategy is great, but the key lies in alignment of the vision with organizational, operational, and individual practices, the mindset of individuals and the development of capabilities.   Suzanne works with a network of solution providers to ensure this alignment, mindset, and capabilities are developed so that you will achieve the impact you desire.

4. Reinforcement and Sustainability

Like any new behavior and learning, practice, coaching, feedback, and improved performance is critical to make lasting changes. This requires hardwiring new behaviors, feedback loops, and performance measures into the day-to-day work of the entire group.

Organizations and groups are only as productive and profitable as their people 


Professional Facilitation 

Professional facilitation fully engages individuals to participate in meetings, strategic planning sessions, data gathering assessments, and training programs.  

Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux a premier facilitator actively working with leaders, organizations, and partners to meet their objectives. Facilitation services enables the leader and all participants to focus their expertise and energy towards learning and meeting the objectives.  

Suzanne’s gift is in managing group dynamics and focusing on the individual needs, while facilitating a process and learning experiences.  This facilitated environment promotes real learning, the meetings of strategic goals, high-impact conversations, and an overall feeling of time well spent.

Facilitation services are available for:

Training workshops 
in areas of leadership, management, sales,
 consulting, coaching, communication, and conflict management

Team Building

Strategic Planning

Employee and Client Focus Groups

Innovative Problem Solving

Employee Survey Feedback & Action Planning

360 Assessments

Leader Developmental Assessments

Culture Change and Change Management

Download Handout on Facilitation Services for leading workshops, team building sessions, Strategic Planning meetings and other events.


As one of the premier experts in training and development and author
Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux brings her saavy business experience, education, and creativity to solve your performance challenges.