Leadership, Entrepreneur, and Lifestyle Catalyst
Certified Life and Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, and Facilitator


"Engaging! Energetic! Exciting! Whether it is one on one or a group Suzanne has everyone captivated and creates an experience that translates into personal reflection and commitment to action.”


As a Speaker


With more than two decades of front-line business experience and a doctorate in adult learning, Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux is a master at speaking to audiences of all sizes and providing information and ideas that are creative, effective, and undeniably right on target. As a presenter her dynamic and highly interactive approach gets all participants involved and laughing while they listen and reflect. Whether addressing corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, parents or the masses, Dr. Suzanne knows how to get people to remember and use what they have heard so they can start to make changes the very next day!


As a Business, Lifestyle, and Executive Coach and Consultant


As an experienced business consultant to professional service providers and organizations, co-author of the book, The Consultative Approach, Partnering for Results! and a Certified Life and Executive coach, Suzanne applies her vast experience in business, her knowledge of human behavior, and her uncanny ability to ask the right questions and hear the underlying issues to propel clients into action. Her ability to pull from a variety of proven theories and methodologies and her undeniable curiosity to understand what is driving each and every client is life changing. As a result she enables the client to develop a crystal clear vision and goals and move through roadblocks, limiting beliefs, and obstacles they may encounter.  Her specific gift is in working with coaches, consultants, trainers, and other professional service providers in building their businesses for success while integrating their personal lifestyles and goals. 



As Facilitator and Training Consultant


Suzanne has lead hundreds of workshops and guided thousands of individuals from all walks of life to be better leaders, communicators, team members, sales professionals, consultants, managers, and coaches. Her philosophy of professional development is based on sound adult-learning principles, discovery and experiential learning, energizing and fun workshops, and the ability to connect deeply with all participants. Creating a readiness for learning and reinforcement of learning are just as much a part of the overall experience as the workshop itself. Suzanne designs, develops, and facilitates both her own workshops as well as that of others.




As an author


Coming soon is Suzanne's new book , Courage and Croissants, Inspiring Joyful Living, A Story and Life Guidebook, co-written with her husband, Jean P. Roux. 

In a nutshell: As a baby boomer, two career couple, with a young child, Drs. Suzanne Saxe-Roux and her husband, Jean Roux took time off to live in a small village in the south of France with their young daughter. Like Why French Women Don't Get Fat, Suzanne and Jean share key insights on why the French have healthy balanced joyous lives and how Americans can learn from them. Set against the enchanting adventure of a family this book is a great read and teaches us all more about how we can live balanced joyous lives.

Suzanne is also a contributor to the San Francisco Writer's Conference Anthology with the chapter Peek-A-Boo, the author of a niche best selling book, The Consultative Approach, Partnering for Results! and numerous articles and workshops on communication, customer service, and consulting skills. She is an avid blogger and contributor to many online sites on the topics of living a balanced, healthy, joyous life.



Her expertise and experience in a nutshell 


For over 25 years, Dr. Suzanne Saxe Ed.D. worked in corporate America as a management consultant, professional development facilitator, and executive coach. She was founder and President of Advance Consulting, Inc., for over 15 years, a San Francisco Bay Area based professional development company that builds the skills of leaders, consultants, and professionals in partnering for results.

Today, she brings her years of experience, education, and philosophy of life to coaching and speaking with successful professionals on creating the lifestyle and entrepreneurial lifestyles they want as they enter the next phase of life.

She is co-author of the best selling book, The Consultative Approach: Partnering for Results!, published by Jossey-Bass, and a renowned speaker in the field of developing business partnerships, consulting, communication, and conflict skills. Suzanne has consulted with and coached executives in organizations of all sizes to include, Wells Fargo Bank, Federal Express, Whirlpool, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, SAIC, Oracle, Bank of America, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, Ultimate Software, State Farm Insurance and others.

She is currently a faculty member at North Central University and Walden University and has taught at California State University, San Jose, and University of San Francisco.  


A Little Bit of Personal


Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux was born and grew up in Los Angeles, CA, received her B.A. from California State University, San Diego, her M.S. from California State University, San Jose and her doctorate in education from University of San Francisco. She now resides in Marin county and the south of France (where she will continue to improve her French) with her husband, Jean, her daughter Zoe-Pascale and their apricot poodle, Pantoufle.

A valued speaker, consultant, facilitator, and business leader, Suzanne aspires to transform people’s lives. She is available for presentations, book signings, coaching, and workshops.


For More information contact Suzanne at:  ssaxeroux(at)