Author, Speaker, and Coach



"Stimulating! Stupendous! Jean P. Roux knows his stuff. He is a natural story teller, a phenomenal listener and has a great global perspective.”



As an Author


 As a stretched two career couple with a young child; Dr. Jean P. Roux and his wife, Suzanne, took time off from their demanding professional lives to unplug, live and rebalance in the south of France with their young daughter. As authors of the successful book, Courage and Croissants, Jean and Suzanne share with their readers their tools and techniques to rejuvenate, harmonize and retool life for living with a difference pace and with more simplicity in our changed and uncertain world.  

Jean-Pierre holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. He specializes in behavior change, healthy aging and working effectively with those with chronic health issues. He is a researcher on depression and dementia and the effects of hormones on aging. He is also the author of The Little D Book, a self-help book for people who are experiencing depression as well as other workbook publications on a variety of chronic health issues. 


As a Speaker


Dr. Jean-Pierre Roux is a wealth of information and a dynamic speaker. His down to earth approach makes participants feel like they are sitting down for tea and enjoying the conversation with an old friend. Whether addressing executives, managers or senior citizens, Jean knows how to connect with the audience, helps them to change their behaviors to live healthier, happier lives, and he moves and supports participants into positive action. Jean-P. Roux is a cognitive-behavioral change expert; with a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, he is a licensed Psychotherapist and Marriage and Family therapist, a Certified Executive Coach, a Health Researcher, and he has lived and worked on five continents.


As a Certified Health, Life, and Executive Coach


 Dr. Jean P. Roux's expertise is evident in his ability to quickly understand the true underlying issues that are blocking clients from achieving their goals. He speaks honestly and openly with empathy and compassion while guiding clients to change their behaviors to meet their lifestyle goals. Jean appreciates working with men, mixed cultural couples, those who feel alienated or out of place in society, those coping with chronic illness, and those out of sync with their true passions and life goals. Over the last 25 years, Jean has coached and consulted with thousands of clients over the world to reach their goals, potential and realize their dreams. Jean has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia; he infuses global cultural and diversity awareness into transforming his clients' lives for the better and helping them to achieve their goals for healthy, joyful living. Jean is a certified Executive Coach, he certified in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnosis, Strategic Human Resource Management and other learning and treatment modalities.


  His expertise and experience in a nutshell


For over 25 years, Dr. Jean-Pierre Roux, Ph.D., LMFT, has worked in leadership positions in Employee Assistance, Health, Organization Development, Human Resources, Patient Care and Consulting with organizations such as Levi Strauss, Bank of America, Fireman's Fund  and the Alliance Group, Advance Consulting, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. His experience and midas touch with clients as an Executive Coach, Clinician, Psychotherapist and Consultant produces results and behavior change.

Dr. Jean P. Roux has worked as a Leader and Senior Manager for a variety of global organizations in positions such as Director of Employee Assistance, Corporate Health Promotion Manager, Vice President of Human Resources, Senior Global Strategies and Organization Develoment Consultant, Executive Coach, Consulting Practice Leader, and for companies such as Bank of America, Levi Strauss, Fireman’s Fund-Allianz Group, Advance Consulting, Inc., Kaiser Foundations Hospitals and others organizations. He has consulted with various global organizations on Health and Health related issues and on projects such as HIV and AIDS in Asia-Pacific and Africa. 

Dr. Jean P. Roux is the Executive Director of the Roux Foundation that is dedicated to promoting cross cultural learning and health in the global community to ensure that all people can lead productive and healthy lives. 


A bit more Personally






Jean is a global citizen, born and raised in Africa. He has lived on five continents, traveled globally and has had homes in France and California for many years. With his wife Suzanne, their daughter, Zoe-Pascale, and their French poodle, Pantoufle, he spends his time between Tiburon, Marin county and the south of France near Montpellier, pursuing his many interests and passions. Jean is a graduate of the University of San Francisco, NorthCentral University in Arizona, he was a researcher at the Universite de Montpellier III, in France, and he completed an Executive Program at Stanford University in California. Jean loves the outdoors, nature, hiking, reading, traveling, visiting with others, his friends and family, art, painting, dance and culture.

Jean’s life quest is global healing; to help others live healthy, joyful and productive lives in a balanced and healthy world.

For More information contact Jean at:  JPRouxPhd(at)