Garage Sale Therapy

Getting rid of clutter is not only cathartic, feels great, but can bring in some extra cash for something special. This past month I have been cleaning, uncluttering and sorting for the big Garage Sale I held this past Saturday. A HUGE success. The benefits I gained from cleaning out, selling what used to be precious treasures and pocketing dollar after dollar all day long was amazingly therapeutic.


I learned once again, "One person's junk is someone else's Treasure." 

So here's the skinny on having a successful sale. 

1. Start cleaning out closets and furniture a month ahead. Store it in the garage and keep adding to it. Every kitchen cupboard has at least two things that can be sold, clothes closets are treasures full of old shoes (did I say I have had shoes for over 20 years I sold and haven't worn of 10), small pieces of furniture that you forget to even look at, books, toys, blankets, and what you would normally say is junk. 

2. Put an ad in your local and city newspaper for Friday and Saturday. Give the time 9-3 (otherwise they will come at the crack of dawn) and address.  Put an listing on Craigs List under Garage Sale and let your firends and neighbors know.

List big items separately on Craigs List and tell them to come to the Garage Sale to pick up (have them email you to save them)

3. Prepare 3-4 signs and hire a teenager to help post them that morning or someone from your family. Make sure you put the day on the sign as they may not be taken down for a couple of days (in case you forget).

4. Buy little stickers and label each big item so you don't forget

5. Go the bank and get at least $30 full of one dollar bills and $5 worth of quarters.

6. Wear a small purse around your waist or your shoulder for all the money

7. Bring out big tables or borrow some as things on tables are easier to look at

8. Serve (or sell) cookies. Having kids sell the cookies tends to make them go faster

9. Don't be greedy, if you get a decent counter offer, take it. 

10 Put the better items on Craigs List if you have anything left over. Bag the rest to donate or call to pick up

11. Treat yourself to a massage or pedicure for a job well done

The feeling of decluttering and streamlining is almost as good as the money made!

PS. Get your entire neighborhood to join in and do it together!