A delightful thing happened on the way to ....

This morning, my husband asked so kindly if I minded running to Starbucks and getting him a Venti Latte to start his day as we were out of milk (oops....) and while I was there would it be possible to buy him and my daughter an Egg Bagel sandwich for breakfast so she could have protein before a big math test (oops... forgot the eggs too)!

Feeling unrushed, I agreed and trotted off a 10 minute drive to the bagel store and Starbucks. 

A young man in scrubs had just ordered and I said to the man at the counter, "Can I order two sandwhiches for my husband and daughter and I'll be right back."  Smiling I walked next door to order the Latte. 

A few minutes later I walked into the Bagel store with money in hand ready to pay for their healthy breakfast. 

The man at the counter said, "The gentleman before you paid for your egg bagel sandwiches." 

"What?  I don't know who he is? Are you sure?"

"Yes, he paid." The conversation continued and I expressed my gratitude and told the man if he saw him again to say thankyou and that I didn't know what to say.  An amazing gift, surprise, and delight. 

I walked out with two hot egg sandwhich bagels (with bacon) and was overwhelmed with how this gesture made me feel so special. I vowed that later today, I would make someone elses day and give the gift of delight to another unsuspecting soul. 

Surprise someone today and give them a gift of total amazement. Yes, we give to friends, family and charities, but do we without asking ever give to strangers just because? Wow, what a feeling.

 It made me realize how little we do for strangers and how amazing it feels to the giver and receiver.