Moving along....

Letting go is a strange thing and not always easy to do, but a time comes when it feels right and the energy moves one in another direction. This week we have begun the final process of letting go of our home we have had for 15 year, that we raised our daughter in and have fond memories. Some people ask, why? The answer, it just feels like it is time. Doing the analysis we can come up with a variety of reasons it makes total sense to sell now while we can, interest rates are low, the inventory is low, and the election is still months away. On the other hand we can come up with reasons why not to (mortgage interest deduction).  The bottom line is we are ready to move on and look forward to shaping our future in a different way. We plan on renting in our area for now and searching homes in more far away places (that don't have good schools or work) for the future.

In terms of letting go, our daughter said it all,

 "I'm sad, but a house is not the memories, the memories is what we hold in our heart. I'm ready for something different as long as it has pillars."  (mmmmm....)

The good news is we get to continue to shed the clutter, detach from things that are materially and psychially burdens, and look forward to new beginnings. This is truly a time of closing one door opens many more.