Dream big and ditch the excuses

We all have dreams, but the question is are we dreaming now or waiting...... and waiting.... and waiting.....   Take a minute to see where your dreams are stopping.  Remember there is no perfect time and no perfect way, but just movement forward.

  • Face your fears (this one is 40% of it)

In facing your fears, one big question to ask yourself is: “What will happen if I don’t face my fear and go through it?” If the answer depresses you- it is time to face it, if you shrug and say, “no big deal” than let it be, it must not be getting in the way of living the life you want.

  • Get lost (put yourself in a new  environment)

Getting lost is one way to wake yourself up. Where are you? How did you get here? How do you find your way home? Or Maybe you found a new home.

  • Test your limits

Go just a little bit further, faster, higher, and beyond what is normal. Can you run a bit further, stay in the yoga position a minute more, listen to your loved one without interrupting just a little bit longer, put more color on canvas, cook a more complicated recipe. Practice testing your limits and you will be prepared for anything

  • Take a leap of faith

Whoooo. This one is hard. How do we trust that it will all work out. In today’s tumultuous world, this leap of faith is hard but necessary. If not, being stuck becomes the new normal.

  • Rediscover your childhood

Play, laugh, love, giggle, play, laugh, love, giggle.

  • Shed your inhibitions/express yourself

Start by dancing by yourself in your living room, walking nude through the house, or sing your heart out in the shower. Move from the private to the more public and join others in dancing, singing, sharing, and if you are up to it, go visit a nude beach.

  • Break new ground

Start something fresh and new for yourself (and others if you like). Literally, plant a garden, organize a block party, go on a trip somewhere you’ve never been. It’s all about the novelty, the feeling of being a novice, and the love of the adventure. 

  • Aim for (from) the heart

Love, hug, cuddle, be generous of your smiles and compliments, and be kind to yourself and others.