5 Ways to Kick Start your Day with Joy!

Did you know that it can take up to two hours to get the brain fully alert in the morning? The author of The Power of Rest, Dr. Matthew Edlund reports that when we sleep our core body temperature dips and you fall into a slumber.  Caffeine is one way to get us up in the morning, but try a few other ideas to get you moving!

1. Do something a bit different. You've heard of the dopamine rush from running, well just try doing something a bit different, like brushing your hair with your left hand or eating breakfast outside on the patio. It just takes a bit of switcheroo to get the dopamines going.

2. Move.  We've heard it before and it is true, your morning workout, walk, or a few sit ups triggers those endorphins. Studies show it can last as long as 6 hours. Morning exercises seem to have more energy and less slump in the middle of the day. 

3. Worship the Sun.  Letting in the sun and more importantly feeling the sun on our skin gets our body out of sleep mode and resets the brain. While you are letting in the sun, do a few stretches.

4. Sniff out great scents.  Sniffing in a beautiful scent such as a fresh lemon, rose, or lavendar wakes us up and provides a surge of energy. Keep some lavendar or mint oil nearby and wake yourself up to the smell of springtime

5. Start your day with a Positive emotion.  There is nothing like kick starting your day with a positive emotion. How? Look at a photo of someone you love, write down or say what you are grateful for, step outside and breathe in fresh air, smile in the mirror and start laughing. A minute of positive emotion goes a long way.