Five Ways to Celebrate Spring

Five ways to Celebrate Spring

Winters in most parts of the world were longer than usual this year; more snow, more rain, and far too little sunshine. Even though the official beginning of spring has past, we find ourselves every couple of days pulling out the winter coat and facing the rain and wind.  The good news, is Spring is peeking out its head and the warmer days ahead are a great reason to celebrate with joie de vivre.

#1: Flowers 

Take a walk in the green fields around and pick wildflowers blooming, take photos, and just sit beneath the lilac bushes and take in the perfume.  Better yet, cut a few flowers that are blooming or buy some in the farmer’s market and spruce up your house with beautiful tulips and other spring flowers.

#2: Garden

Take the family or your partner on an outing to the nearest garden store. Pick out tomato plants, cucumbers, or herbs and hold a planting party. The joy of planting your own vegetables starts now and extends through all of summer. If you live in a small place, do some pot gardening and you will still have plenty of ripe red tomatoes for the summer.

 #3: Food

Check out the local fruits and vegetables such as asparagus and get moving on new recipes. Last night I made a phenomenal and easy to make asparagus and spinach soup that my husband and daughter gulped down screaming for more.

Asparagus Soup Recipe includes: Sweating a cup of onions in a bit of butter or oil, adding chicken broth when it is caramelized, seasoning, and a ½ cup of white wine. Add in 1 lb of asparagus until soft and then 1 lb of spinach. Put through the blender until it is pureed. You can also add a bit of whipping cream. I doubled the recipe and it made a complete dinner with warm baguettes and a dabble of Parmigiano cheese.

Asparagus is plentiful this spring so use it in abundance and enjoy!

#4: Tax Refunds

If you are so lucky to get a tax refund, dream of all the ways you can spend it and then do the following: put a bit in savings, pay off some credit cards, send some to your retirement and kid’s college savings account and then put aside some for you and your partner. The key is to dream of everything you can do with it and then think through what would truly make you feel good. Getting out of debt and saving may not be as glamorous but it does feel good.  

#5: Spring Haircuts and Pedicures

Indulge in a new haircut. It is the time to snip a bit and style yourself for spring. An inch off can make the difference. Add a bit of color opens up the eyes and skip into spring with a lighter step.  And speaking of steps, start out the spring with a hot wax pedicure and new pink toes. There is nothing as sexy and inspiring as a great looking pair of painted toes peeking out of some sandals.

While you are at it, take the dog to the groomer and smooth out that shag and get his/her nails clipped – you can pass on the painted toes however. Everyone will be happier.