Simplifying happens slowly

No more how much you think you have cleaned out, it is never enough... especially when you move and begin to see how much can go into a 17 foot UHaul truck. After 5 years of cleaning, sorting, purging, and letting go we are once again moving to a new home (one we bought) where the sun shines 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The purchase of the house is another story, but this one is about the stuff we take with us and how hard it is to carry fewer things with us through life. Even with digital photography (thank god it does exist or I'd be in real trouble) I still had 4 boxes of photo albums and 6 boxes of photo boxes that contained the best and most precious photos from an original 28 albums. By only keeping the bests and taking apart 28 photo albums I have slimmed down and am proud of it. The best part is I actually can look at the photos as they are self contained and easy to find. Photo albums, I believe are the hardest to dispense with (next to shoes) and the most that need cleaning. "What was I thinking keeping 17 photos of the doubledecker bus in England. 

Let's next go to the kitchen. This is an impossible task as you need plates, glasses, cooking wear and various coffee makers. Kitchens are a lost cause as you just might need that platter for Thanksgiving dinner. 

An of course there are those books, heavy, wonderful books. Even with every electronic gadget, I like my books - at least the few i've kept and yet they are still soooo heavy. Ive slimmed down and got rid of most of the fiction books and kept the non-fiction, art books, and cookbooks. A few foreign language books, travel books, and copies of dissertations got packed. I'm proud to say though it went from 3 huge bookshelves 5 years ago to only 1. That is progress. 

So overall, maybe the key is to slowly simplify and enjoy what you have around you. If it isn't used, makes you happy or has some benefit- purge-- that makes you even happier.