Some things just don't change -- thank goodness!

Take a look below at our phenomenal daughter 7 years later (6 and 13). She is even more amazing, more global and yearning to change the world. Visiting our old stomping grounds of Avignon, thank god she still loves the Carousel and smiles as she goes round and round. 

France is as gorgeous as ever and life definitely slows down. The heat, the sun, the long days, our dear friends, and the impossibility to have a lunch on the go, resets our clocks to living life fully in the moment.

Our hearts are always here ...and when we walk through Uzes and swim under the Pt du Gard we know how lucky we are to have had such amazing memories living here... and making new ones wherever we go. 

The Pt du Gard is a symbol of such strength, timelessness, connection, beauty and elegance. It also holds the memory of where Jean and I first fell in love with France (again!) and I painted my first painting on the side of the bridge when some school children asked to buy it from us. It reminds me to get back to painting just for the fun of it and the joy of painting en plein aire! Creativity is in the air!