Taureau Piscine - A bull in the swimming pool

One of the funniest events held throughout villages in the south of France is the Taueau Piscine, literally translated as Bulls and Swimming Pool. Upon first encountering the posters displayed throughout villages hosting these events our imagination went while with a large Provencal swimming pool and bulls swimming in them. The camargue is known for their huge bulls, white horses and "camargue cowboys" being chased down streets whie young men and boys run after to grab their tails and wrestle them to the ground. This is not so different but here, the young boys and some girls (on a dare or trying to win a few euros) chase, dodge, and bascially play ball with the bulls. Bets are made and "plays" are announced, from getting the bull to go through the water, over the water, or over the person and the games begin. 



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Suzanne Saxe-Roux