Work is going global for the Summer

In this virtual global world, with skype, airplanes, and connectivity you can work anywhere this summer and shift into what many companies might call "summer hours." Okay moving to another country or city and working half across the world might shift the definition, but this is becoming a trend by many professionals -- This summer we are making this shift and joining these traveling global dwellers and working/living/ vacationing a bit in Montpellier, France specifically. July and August my daughter and I will sit in the middle of Languedoc country in the beautiful town of Montpellier often called the Paris of the South. My husband, not quite as flexible will come back and forth twice for two weeks each during his time off. This is an experiment in can we live the lifestyle and keep work moving along. The answers shall come as we blog this summer.  

So how did we end up here. As many of you know, we sold our 3 level village home near Uzes two years ago and finally decided to move towards Montpellier where we have a University town, amazing culture and events, a beach 10 minutes away, and fantastic public transportation, shopping, food, and all around sunshine. 

Different than the country and a small village-- absolutely. Will we like it? Who knows? After searching for where we wanted to land for the next several years, with a young growing daughter (tween), and a realization that we could not take care of a big country property, we shifted our focus and decided to try  the ease of city living where public transportation is abundant, beaches are beautiful and nearby, people are welcoming, the university is vibrant, great swimming pools and beaches, schools are great, airports and train stations are within a stones throw, and the culture and activities available are more than anyone has time for. We are within 1 1/2 hours of our old friends and hope to easily meet new ones.

After two years of looking on the internet we bought a flat in Montpellier within 2 tram stops from the historique centre, a 20 minute walk. Over the last six months we have been (virtually) remodeling the apartment and will make it our home for the summer. At that point we will rent it to visitors from Sept -June. (If you know anyone who wants a great remodeled furnished apartment let us know. 

Along with working (albiet a bit less this summer) I will be writing about the adventures and sites in Montpellier and especially preparing for a new book on Markets in Montpellier area. To get started, here's a bit about the Paris of the South. 

Montpellier is an ancient but forward-looking town in the heart of the Languedoc region, 7km from the sea. It is an exciting young city with great weather, charm and white beaches surrounded by the beautiful Languedoc countryside.

You can travel direct to the city by train with regular TGV services operating from Paris and Lille. Montpellier also has its own airport, Montpellier Mediterraneé, which is connected to the city centre by a shuttle bus service that takes just 15 minutes. 

The heart of Montpellier and its main square is the Place de la Comédie, a large, lively hub surrounded by some impressive buildings, including the Opera House. Joined on to one end of the square is the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, a tree-lined space where people come to stroll, or to play chess with outsized pieces. 

Much of the old town is pedestrianised, with plenty of shops along the Grande Rue Jean Moulin and the Rue de la Loge, which cuts across it. There are plenty of eating places, many of them casual and lively, reflecting Montpellier's large student population. 

On the edge of the town centre is Montpellier's different districts all linked by colorful trams (all designed by famous artists to  represent each tramline) as well as bike lanes. at each tram stop, bikes can be rented and left when finished. 
Montpellier is the kind of place where there is always something going on. This summer there is a dance festival from the end of June until mid-July, and a music festival taking place in the second half of July .  The museums are building prestige and have a large Chinese Exhibit this summer 

More to come as we make the trek (and make sure the apartment is ready) on our next adventure.

Come join us for the summer as we work and play in Montpellier, France