The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

**** 4 Stars


The story of Anne Frank is the story of a girl who hides with her family in fear of being discovered by the Nazis. For two years she pours into the diary her secrets, her first love. It makes her a smart and tantalizing girl that will never grow up to become a woman.

When I read the book, I enjoyed reading her funny stories.
As she wrote her diary I felt like she was on a rod in the middle of the pacific ocean and sharks were trying to bite her on both sides. Her parents did not understand because she was very open and had big ideas advanced for her time. Her sister, Margot was more like her parents wanted her to be, but she was always speaking her mind which made the diary interesting.

At the end I felt sad and couldn't believe 6 million jews died because of one man who was a former house painter.  It was a very stupid war really! !!!



This book is good for anyone who likes emotional non-fiction, true stories.  I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars was because there is no core to the diary when there is a tantalizing moment.

Why I like this book

This book took me longer to read because it is slow reading, but I kept liking it enough to pick it up a little everyday. I kept reading the book because I felt like I need to know what happens next and besides so many people have read it so I think it is an important book to read for history.