Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

***** 5 Stars

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George, is about this girl who is really poor and her aunt is a little bit crazy. The aunt sacrifices her niece (the little girl - named Creel) because she wants a knight to come save the whole family and take them to a castle. Creel talks to the dragon in the cave and she bargains and gets a blue pair of slippers. The slippers aren't normal, but the slippers of a dragon queen that got slain by a king. The slippers controls all the dragons. Not knowing she had power over the dragon (but she did) she walked out of the cave with the slippers and walked towards the King's seat. On the way there she gets attacked by bandits  and another dragon came and saved her. This was a good dragon who rescued her and took her to his cave. Later he flys her to the King's seat where she finds work as a dressmaker. Another girl who worked in the shop stole the slippers and gave them to the princess. The princess found out about the slippers, and being a mean princess, she wanted to control the dragons.

The princess held a ball and Creel got invited and went to the ball. At the ball dragons attacked and Creel escaped through a door. Creel had another dragon friend who helped her put magic collars on the dragon so they weren't under the control of the princess. They all fought off the princess and the princess was put in prison. Creel gets her own shop from the king and was happy after that.


It's great and fun and puts dragons in a whole new way - If you loved Harry Potter you will love Dragon Slippers.


You will like this book if you like old classics in a whole new way!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Dragon's don't keep gold, they keep slippers and glass and goblets and silverware.

P.S.S. Creel designed her dresses from the beautiful glass in her dragon friend's home.