Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire #4

***** 5 Stars

I'm starting with the 4th book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because a lot of people have stopped reading Harry Potter at #4 and I think they think it gets more scary. I will review #4 so everyone can remember what happened and then I will go on and later go forward.

In this book, Harry Potter is in his 4th year at Howgwarts. There is a big tournament between the 3 biggest schools of magic, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Dark Arts School. Harry does not enter the tournament but the Goblet of Fire enters him anyways. He has to complete the tasks (even if he is underage and doesn't want to do it). The first one consists of dragons, the second one consists of Merpeople, and the third one is a maze. In the third task, the other boy from Hogwarts (there are 2) is about to touch the cup, but then Harry gets hurt so Cedrick helps him and they both touch the cup at the same time. However, the cup transports them to another place--a graveyard. All the death eaters are waiting and then Voldemort comes back  to life. To live he takes some of Harry's blood and Cedrick dies because Voldemort killed him.  Then Harry got wisped back to the tournament  and professor Mad Eye Moody , the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher turns out to be a Death Eater and tries to kill Harry. Harry wins the tournament and gets a 1,000 galleons in prize money. Harry gives the money to Ron's best friends brother who wants to build a joke shop.

P.S. The guy who plays Cedrick is Edward in Twilight.

Why I recommend the book

The book is funny and interesting. It makes you read about other people's life and worries. It's not your worries. It is very creative and you feel like you are in the book. JK Rowling is an excellent author

I urge you to continue to read the Harry Potter Book.

I have read this book about 15 times; 10 times in English and 5 times in French. I love to reread it because it is so good, it feels like I am going to school at Hogwarts. It's incredible. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!