It's time to move into Execution

 Last week I had two conversation with two different people who have been talking about the same thing for at least a year if not longer. For some reason they were just stuck and I frankly was tired of hearing them being stuck. Recognizing summer was ending, school was starting and changes were in the air, I just said two words to both of them; "Just Execute." Actually I said a few more but it got down to, "Just execute."

Start down that path now!

Get off your duff, stop procrastinating and start executing. No matter how small the step is, execute. It reminds me of a great deal of literature in the business world lately that states that 90% of CEOs say they don't need help with strategy but need help with execution. So that brings me to the second piece. If you need help, ask for it. 

Seeing yourself move forward and execute feels good. It gets the ball rolling. It changes the energy around you. Most of all it helps you move forward to create your dreams and feel good about yourself. 

For me, I'm going to sign up for Zumba--- execute a bit more of dancing my way through life.