" Your wish is my command" the Genie in Aladdin

I was recently reminded of the story of Aladdin and the Genie and how the secret of living the life you want is all told in those few words the Genie repeated over and over, "Your wish is my command." The essence of this story is the truth of living our dreams. If you trace the story back there is actually no limit to the wishes you want. The grand Genie is a metaphor for all traditions in which you believe in something bigger than yourself; angel, higher power, higher self. The grand Genie only says one thing "Your wish is my command." Every tradition says there is something bigger than us. The Genie has answered your every command and is always listening to everything you think, speak and act. The Genie thinks everything you speak about, act upon, ask for, think about, feel, is what you want. The Genie doesn't question your command. 

The key is to make a command to the universe (the Genie) and let the universe know what you want.

Three steps to making your command 

1. Ask for what you really want  (this does mean you have to know what you really want). You get to choose what you want and you do have to be very clear what you want. Take the time to figure out what you really want and ask for it. As you get clear in your mind, you are asking.

2. Believe that it is already yours. You must believe that what you want is already yours. Similar to ordering a book on Amazon and trusting it will arrive, your beliefs in what you have asked for is the same. Believe it is already on the way. Your thoughts are attracting it to you by believing you already have it.

The how it shows up will be shown to you, just believe it is on its way. 

3.  Receive  Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel now the way you will feel when it arrives. Feel it now. When you are feeling good you are putting yourself in the frequency that it yours. A fast way to get on the frequency is to say, "I am receiving ___ now." When you say this, feel it all through your body. 

For today, give it a try, find your Genie and your wish shall be his/her command.