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Looking for current trends, stats or insider information related to inspiring living a healthy, joyful, and balanced life? Suzanne makes it her business to stay on top of the latest trends, research, and information and can offer insight, expertise and information!

Suzanne’s areas of expertise:

Making Dreams Come True

  • Creating the life you want to live
  • Visioning
  • Working with the law of attraction
  • 7 Keys to Making Dreams Come True:

Increasing Joy, Good Health, and Joie de vivre in your Life

  • Boosting Joy in your life
  • What is the French Joie de vivre
  • The new American Lifestyle
  • How to have fun with your kids

The Joys of Travel

  • Tips on Traveling with Children
  • Raising global kids
  • Learn together while traveling

Women Entrepreneurship

  • Starting, building, and enjoying your entrepreneur business
  • Business Partners – Is s/he the right person? How do you know? How do you figure out how to work together? What happens if it goes sour? Why would I want one? Why would I not want one? How to get the most benefit from a business partnership?
  • Live for your work or work for your life? How to obtain balance in your career and business.
  • What does a good consultant do anyways?

Authoring and Marketing your own book

  • alternative and unique ways to market a book
  • the challenges of a new author
  • self-publishing



Need an interesting lifestyle story? Consider the following:

Reeling from the stress of life as dual career parents and from eye-opening struggles with infertility, illness and death, Suzanne Saxe-Roux and her husband Jean Roux do what millions of people only dream of:  leave their jobs, rent out their home and move to the south of France with a young daughter in tow.  There, they unplug and search for the joie de vivre missing for so many modern families. It is an act of taking back control of life in small and big ways.

Trading in frozen dinners on the run, a full-time nanny and business ownership for a stone house amid lavender fields, farmers’ markets and narrow, cobblestone streets, they stretch their comfort zone to experience what it is truly like to live consciously.  Through their myriad adventures – from enrolling their daughter in a local school and spontaneously solving the inevitable dilemmas of travel to hospitalization à la française – they learn to reclaim their creative side while embracing a change of priorities and pace.

Courage and Croissants brings readers along on this journey.  A gripping memoir and guidebook rolled into one, it reveals the secrets of French joie de vivre that Suzanne and Jean have discovered and maps out the steps to recapturing simplicity, joy, happiness and the ability to follow your dreams.


Suzanne has tips, over 5 years of blogs and helpful information related to:

  • living in a small village in the south of France,
  • inspiring healthy joyful living
  • creating the lifestyle you want to live


Suzanne has articles that can be reprinted or excerpted.


You can reach Suzanne at Suzanne(at) or 415. 272-0169.

Short Bio with Credentials

  • Doctorate in Education, University of San Francisco
  • Certified Executive Coach and Certified Life Coach
  • Founded, built, and sold successful niche professional development company
  • Trained thousands of professionals in global corporations in the areas of leadership, management consulting, sales, and service     
  • Entrepreneur for over 20 years successfully coaching and consulting with small business owners and teams
  • University professor
  • Married for almost 30 years with one “tween” daughter
  • Lives in Marin County, Ca and the south of France
  • Loves to travel, hike, entertain, continually learn, and inspire others to be the best they can be.