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Easy to use directed guidebook that you can do alone, with a partner, or a coach. You will be amazed how you can create whatever you want once you decide what it is and focus on attracting it into your life. 


The Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook is for:

  • who are in transition and want to create a life that works in every way
  • Pre-retirees who are planning the next phase of their life
  • Busy moms and dads who are examining how to live balanced lives
  • Coaches who are working with individuals on creating their dreams
  • Consultants who are working with small businesses in creating success in all areas of their clients' lives


The Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook $19


The Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook developed by Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux coaches you through an interactive Lifestyle Strategic Planning process that will clarify, motivate, and move you into action in creating the life you want.  

Using a proven methodology you will design your strategic lifestyle plan. The questions posed in the E-Workbook will empower you to tap into both the rational and intuitive sides of your brain to develop a plan, that will sustain you in your next phase of life.

Our approach is to make it easy for you to assess, design, and plan the lifestyle you want to live. The Lifestyle Plan E-workbook combines the best of strategic planning and the great questions a coach would ask you. You have the insights, intuition, creativity, and ideas. 

The E-Workbook can be used alone or with a coach, partner, or colleague who will drill deeper and ask the right questions at the right time, listen to underlying themes, help you to get unstuck and encourage you to move through obstacles. The Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook is a great tool to use alone or in concert with a coach to help you to achieve the lifestyle you need and want in order to flourish in the next phase of life.

Through this process you will uncover what is right for you, unveil the truth about who you are at your core, clearly define what you want to do with the next phase of your life and how to live freely in your full potential, in happiness, alignment and harmony.

For those who have spouses, life partners or other family members that need to buy into your plan we work with you to determine the best way to involve them in the process. This can happen through direct participation, feedback, brainstorming conversations, or mini presentations. The goal is to bring them along as you evolve your strategic lifestyle plan so they become a partner as you move forward.


 You will walk away with:    

  • Real clarity on the direction you want to go in your life
  • An assessment of the current balance in your life - from relationships and leisure to career and finances
  • Identification of priorities enabling you to make startegic choices about where to create more balance in your lifestyle
  • A deep understanding and assessment of  how you want to balance your life overall health, environment, spiritual, life long learning, financial, leisure, relationships, and career/entrepreneurial/meaningful work) 
  • An impactful personal vision that will keep you motivated and engaged
  • A Lifestyle Strategic Plan that includes your vision, lifestyle mission statement, five bold goals and outcomes, a detailed action plan,  support needed, supporting beliefs, success criteria, and timeframes

  • A new perspective, hope, and excitement about the next phase of your life


        In conjunction with the Lifestyle Strategic Planning System we will be using a variety of tools such as the Lifestyle Wheel.      

The Lifestyle Plan E-workbook goes beyond the Vision and the Design and coaches you through the development of an action plan.


Coaching available

Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D., a highly trained and skillful professional who has recreated herself through a variety of life transitions as individuals, a couple, and a parent of a young daughter. As your coach she will work with you strategically and in the moment. The results will be a clear strategic plan for yourself and possibly your partner / family. This plan will guide you in the execution resulting in achieving your goals in all areas of your life in a balanced way. If desired, consulting is available as you move into the execution of specific aspects of the overall plan.

Contact us for a complimentary introductory coaching session and find out what Lifestyle and Entrepreneurial Strategic Planning and Coaching can do for you. This one click can make the difference between moving forward on your dreams or staying stuck in wishing something would change. 


The Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook $19

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