Interactive Business Planning

Follow a simple process to create a One Page Business Plan that provides your unique roadmap to achieve success as you define it. Using the interactive, illustrated E-Workbook you will easily answer questions, assess issues, make decisions, and create a practical, easy to use one-page business plan.  

The Interactive Business Plan E-Workbook $19


The Business Planning E-Workbook is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, and small business owners
  • Start-ups and companies wanting to grow their business
  • Those who want to have a plan that is easy to develop and even easier to use on an ongoing basis
  • Those individual practitioner, businesses, and organizations that truly want to achieve their goals and objectives this year and next
  • Coaches and consultants looking for an interactive illustrated E-Workbook that they can use with their clients in person and virtually.

The Business plan includes the following:  

Business Plan Components

  • Vision Statement  - What are you building?
  • Mission  - What is your driving purpose? Why do you exist?
  • Goals and Objectives -- What do you want to measure?
  • Strategies - What is your business model, the direction you want to go, the business activity , expected results and methodology on how it will be accomplished?
  • Action Plans - What needs to be completed by when?
  • Resources, Timelines, and Budgets - What are the priorities and must-dos?
  • Success Criteria - What does success look like in 6 mths, 1 or 2 years?

It may take a few pages of notes and ideas but quickly, you will refine your plan and whittle it to one page, review it with others, clarify, and finalize.

The Business Plan E-Workbook is designed to be used on your own, in a team, or with a coach or consultant. The questions and format will guide your thinking and the interactivity makes it easy, transportable and a format that is fun. By the end of the workbook you will have created a fantastic, personalized One Page Business Plan that will drive your focus, energy, and resources.


The Interactive Business Plan E-Workbook - $19


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Coaching available

Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D., a highly trained and skillful professional who has built a company and successfully sold it allowing her to take 3 years and live in the south of France. Suzanne's expertise as a business woman, growing and leading small businesses, business development, operations, sales, product development, training and customer service enable Suzanne to quickly understand your needs and move you to results.


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