5 Keys to Staying Healthy when everyone else has the flu

The cold season is here for awhile and the flu season is just peaking. There is nothing worse than being down for the count and feeling miserable. A few ideas worth considering are as follows.

#1: Wash your hands all the time 

Washing your hands or using the waterless disinfectant is key to keeping germs away. Wipe down your keyboard, phone, and everytime you touch a banister, glass, faucet, doorknob, wash your hands. Okay, maybe not every hour, but making a point of doing it often is key!

#2: Take Airborne:  

Popping a chewable airborne everyday seems to work the trick to build up your immune system and cut back on the chances of getting sick. Pop them early and often

#3: Drink alot of water and keep hydrated. it can only help

#4: Chew a couple of gloves of garlic a day. 

Peel fresh garlic, cut it up in small bits and swallow it like a pill. It's bound to ward off the evil germs.

#5: Stay away from people who are sick

Cancel all plans if someone tells you they have a cold, are coming down with something or just got over the flu. A night of visiting is not worth a miserable week of being sick