Happy 2013

Happy 2013!                                                                        

The world did not end on December 21 as we were told the Mayans predicted. We can all breathe easier as 2012 is behind us and we made it. However, we all seem to know and feel somehow that an era has ended and we now live in a new world.

The downward spiral that started in 2000 is over, greed and materialism is giving way to connecting through the heart, being compassionate and living in harmony with nature. Plant based diets are in and killing animals are out. Owning guns is frowned upon after the recent tragic incidents. Needing assault rifles for hunting seems to finally be questioned like never before.

Today we use technology in everything we do from working, to shopping, to leisure and to connecting with friends and loved ones. In a connected 24 hour world, achieving balance is more difficult. Unplugging for rejuvenation is harder than ever before. To thrive, we need to disconnect and center into solitude and reflection in spite of our craving for the constant flow of information from a world out of balance.

Hopefully, the economy will start improving in 2013. The spectacle of our leaders discussing the financial issues with ineffective resolution is over. Going forward we need to ensure social programs are not gutted to pay for the lack of fiscal management. The recent decisions to tax the so called rich, the coming increase in the payroll tax, keeping middles class taxes unchanged; it means we can hope for the economy to improve minimally at best and exactly at the time we are all wishing for a truly strong economy. We are all tired of the constant struggle, wages remaining flat and costs increasing constantly. If more and more costs are passed onto consumers and if more austerity is imposed to address the budget deficit, we (who are not economists) know from common sense, that it will not create new jobs or stimulate the lackluster global economy.

The good news is that we are in a new year and in a new cycle. The 2013 energy is expanding. We can change and improve on the status quo, we can fulfill ourselves, and we can do and achieve something we have wanted to for a long time. Individually we can communicate more authentically from the heart, speak more freely, we can eat healthier, be more grateful, be balanced and joyful.

For 2013 it boils down to deciding on one item that you could do differently that will move you closer to your goal. Pick one easy thing you could do every day or week, that will improve how you think and feel. It could be as simple as; drink a glass of water once per day, replace one meal of animal meat once per week with plant protein, walk around the block once a day, call one friend once per week or do one thing that makes you feel passionate.

At the core, it is about using the expansive energy available to you now and to move beyond your blind spots, to find true meaning and joy. This is the year to achieve what you have wanted to for a long time. Have a happy, healthy and joyful 2013!

 Jean Pierre Roux, Ph.D.