The Years Fly By

Two weeks ago I finally committed to flying to LA to attend my High School Reunion. It was more about seeing some old girlfriends I just don't get to see enough that spurred me into action. Well, that and the fact we could get dressed up and see how everyone fared (big, small, tall, short, great hair, no hair, long hair, short hair). One person commented, "You're brave." Maybe...and well yes.

Enough years have passed that we are all beyond "proving ourselves" and more about "sharing ourselves." The day started with a perfect long lunch with one of my best friends from High School who I see every 2 years or so. We picked up like it was yesterday and caught up over bloody mary's and cobb salads facing the Santa Monica boardwalk. Her pink tinted glasses and blue dior mascara inspired me to relook at my eyeglass fashion, but mostly our conversation felt like we were 16 again with a twist (a bit wiser twist).

We laughed as we dressed in our swanky and sexy black outifts at the now very unattactive long sleeve flowery prom dresses down to the floor. What were we thinking (or our parents) as not a drop of skin showed except our faces and hands. 

Arriving fashionably fit we giggled or way into the room wondering what was in store 

The rest of the evening continued to be a wandering of coctail party reintroductions, hugs from those who recognized your name (or face from the high school yearbook) and a few minutes of chitchat.  The cacophony of "You look great!" "Your so blond." " Yeh, i've lost some hair." were uttered as people moved from group to group. Since everyone had name tags taped to  their upper left chest, photos in black and white, and names the size of a 18 font, one tended to  lean in.. pause.. and say either  "Oh my God... it's you." or sometimes, " I don't think I knew you, but it's nice to meet you."

Seeing people I knew from elementary school, junior high school, and high school was just plain old fun and well nice... a word that explains it all -- We all had seemed to have gotten above and beyond our high school days and were complimentary, happy to see each other, and were just plain old nice.

 On the other hand, how often, do you get to hear over and over "You look great." That alone was worth the night.