My parents secret to living a long and happy life.

If there were a posterchild for the aging couple it would be my parents. After 67 years of marriage they are as happy as ever. Yes, they are aging and slowing a bit and yes my Dad has had some health scares this year (at age 90 for the first time), and yes they take little naps in a darkened movie theater, and yes they spend time at the doctors, and yes for walks longer than 10 minutes my dad takes his walker so he can keep up, but inspite of it all they live life to the fullest. 

Picking us up at the airport we went to dinner at the Prado restaurant in Balboa Park and then on to a new play Divine Reality about Machiavelli, Da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Zoe, a fan of Machieavelli loved his cunning political viewpoints and erudite manner. 

The next day we head off for a boat tour on Hornblower yachts cruising the San Diego Bay. Skipping over to Mission Bay, Zoe and I went boogey boarding while they sat in beach chairs on the grass nearby reading and enjoying the view. The week has continued with BBQ at my sisters, a morning at the Del Mar park and beach playing with the little nephews and more. Giving them a respite, I took Zoe alone to Sea World where we had a fantastic time seeing all the great new shows. Not having been there in a few years, (she always went with my parents alone) I was totally impressed by their new shows which featured cirque de soleil like acrobats in two different shows. This alone was worth the price of admission. 

Today we head off to the horse races where Zoe will learn the mathematics of "odds" and how to either "win big" or "throw money away as entertainment." Part of her money management learning this year. 

Now, you might say, this sounds like they are extra active because you were there. My answer, is not really, this is a typical week for them and if there is anything I've seen the two keys to growing old with happiness is

1. Have a great partner to enjoy it with

2. Keep on going and don't stop except to take a few naps along the way.