Rebalancing life

Rebalance:  To restore equilibrium.

The question is --- Do we ever achieve equilibrium... or at least for very long. Like walking a tightrope it seems that restoring our balance is a constant in our lives whether it is getting back into the rhythm of a new season, an exercise routine, children's ups and downs or life in general. Is it more about our attention to rebalance our lives ... often and sometimes with a major thrust. 

I've been working with, talking to people, and thinking through what it means to truly have balance in ones life. More often than not it revolves around work life balance with the idea that the more flexibility you have the more balance you have. This could very well be true. On the other hand, to achieve balance in ones life you have to consider the amount of responsibility, autonomy, mastery, purpose, as well as flexibilty that will bring you happiness. 

Rebalancing also comes in the form of big decisions (like selling and buying homes or Not, job changes, career changes, moves, having children or helping them to leave the home and more). It also takes the form of finding balance everyday in the form of flexibility to get other things done inyour life (i.e. take kids to camp laer in the morning in the summer) picking up the dry cleaning and taking walks when the sun is shining if that is your preference.

Rebalancing is also looking at what you want to give up that gives you more freedom --- freedom from worry, anxiety and administrative trivia. 

Rebalancing is a good thing to think about when life seems not to be working exactly as you like it.