How 5 miles can make a difference

How moving 5 miles has made a difference


  1. We sleep much better with only the sound of the trees
  2. We smell the pine trees and eucalyptus
  3. We feel like we are a bit on vacation
  4. We have not just one but three grocery stores in equal distance
  5. We now have south sun, but miss the west sun too
  6. Zoe has a neighbor girl come ring our bell to come play
  7. We love the pool and jacuzzi - a real treat
  8. We love the two car attached garage (attached is the operative word)
  9. We love big closets and two bathroom sinks
  10. Our commute is easier
  11. We can walk to yoga, the dog path, and the park without crossing a street.
  12. We feel more connected to the town which is truly a community


Overall, we feel pretty good about shaking things up