Coming of Age Challenge #3 World Religions

Note: If you are unaware of the Coming of Age Challenge, Please Go To "What Is The Coming Of Age Challenge" and learn how you can have fun and help your daughter, nieces, and friends move into teen years with confidence and pride.

Beginning a tour of World Religions was our challenge for Nov and Dec (okay we combined two months - it was a busy time). Our goal was to expose Zoe to different types of religions in a light and easy manner. 

Stop 1; The Buddhist Zen Center at Green Gulch at Muir Beach, Ca.

One Sunday a month, the Zen center has a children's program to accompany the adult service at Green Gulch. Hidden deep in a valley off Shoreline Drive on the way to Muir Beach is the Zen Buddhist center and retreat. Beautiful and simple Japanese type buildings house visitors and residents. After parking in the dirt lot and walking a couple hundred yards to the central building, we took some time to wander through the majestic garden in which they supply food for the famous Greens Restaurant in San Francisco. The garden connects to the Golden Gate Recreation Area trails and a few minutes on to Muir Beach. The tranquility and quietness is pervasive as you hear the birds sing and the flowers even hum.