A library on the Beach

OA Library on the Beach... Well who would have thought it would be so popular. At one of our favorite beaches at the Carnon Plage near Montpellier, they have resurrected a large tent as a summer library. People of all ages, take a break from the sun, check out a book (for free and no card needed) and hangout under the covered terrace in comfortable swing back chairs. 

Kids reading comic books, dad's reading the newspaper, mom's reading a good novel, and grandparent taking a snooze as their book falls in their lap. What a sight. 

Brillant, just brillant. Just think if every library worked with a beach or a park nearby and set up their tent and terrace how many more kids would be reading this summer. Consider this an idea for where you live, what better way to spend time at the beach and get a little shade when needed.