5 Easy and Fun ways to get out of the muck

This morning I took a walk along the Tiburon shore staring out at the Golden Gate Bridge and the low hanging fog misting over San Francisco. IPod in hand I was listening (for the umpteenth time) to Esther and Jerry Hicks (via Abraham) tape on Attracting what you want in life. I was coming out of one of those couple of days when I was feeling less than inspired and verging on pessimism. Nothing is moving, business feels stalled, and frustration is seeping into my bones. By the end of the walk (and a 45 minute reminder of what I know and forget to do sometimes) I felt back on track. In summary here are a few reminders of what truly can make a difference in achieving what we want in life.

1. Feel Good.   Feeling good, positive, hopeful, excited, and passionate raise your vibrations so you can attract what you want in life. Negativity, pessimism, frustration, and feeling defeated only bring more of the same. The key is to stay in and move closer to the higher level feelings of optimism, hope, passion, happiness and belief. 

2. Self Talk creates belief and good feelings. How we talk to ourselves and others makes all the difference in the world. If you have a hard time saying, "I have millions in the bank." Say instead, "I look forward to the time when I have millions in the bank. It is coming sooner than I realize."  The secret that I am getting more and more is that how we think and how we talk to ourselves creates our feelings. These feelings in turn raise or lower our vibrational energy. The higher our vibration the easier it is for things to flow into our lives that we want. 

3. Express gratitude for what you do have and more good feelings come. Just looking out at the SF Bay and Sausalito skyline I shouted "Thank you .. you are so gorgeous and I am so lucky to walk here day after day."

4. Play "Raising your Vibrational Energy" Games with yourself and others. My new favorite game is to give put a $1,000 in your vibrational checking account and allow yourself to spend it that day. What would you buy. the next day, put in $2,000, what would you buy that day. Each day you get to add another $1,000. We played this in the car today deciding what to buy. Tomorrow, I'm buying a new refrigerator with my money. I told Jean in 60 days he will be able to buy the new Mercedes he wants. You should have seen the grin on his face. Teaching Zoe-Pascale this is a bit more challenging as she kept saying, "How does the reality happen?" Our answer was as much to ourselves as to her, "We are creating it right now."

5. Take 68 Seconds to get your vibrational energy and good feelings back on course when you run amuck. 

In the lecture, Abraham said it takes 68 seconds to raise your vibrational energy back to a place in which you can attract what you want when it gets off course. Just think, spending 68 seconds to refocus yourself even a couple times a day, could mean all the difference between attracting what you want in life and feeling frustrated that it is just beyond your reach.