5 Simple things to Feel more Organized

Today's world has created multi level Inboxes which on the one hand is terrific in that we get tons of great information and on the other hand is overwhelming. As professionals, entrepreneurs, and parents we can get to the point that all we end up doing is push the Delete button just to feel in control. Following are 5 simple ways to start to get some of your email clutter under control and give you time to just sit in an empty chair quietly for a few minutes a day.


  1. Create Idea Lists: One for books to read, videos to rent, projects you want to do, people to call when you have time, etc. Use your iphone or blackberry to create lists. Open up a different page for each item and you have it with you whenever you want to add something or happen to be at the library. Paper is great, but for ongoing “not in your face” lists store them so you have them on the go and can add to them easily.

  2. Open up a separate free gmail or email account just for subscriptions to newsletters, updates from your linkedin groups, blog subscriptions, and other interesting but not critical stuff. Newsletters are wonderful but can be distractions, timewasters, and overwhelming. Make a time 2-3 times a week to open up this special gmail account and read through the ones that seem interesting. Then file in folders by the topic if you want to save them for further reference.
    You will be amazed how your inbox becomes a bit lighter.

  3. Designate only X amount of time for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. They can suck you into a black hole. Put a timer on your desk and stick to it. It will be there when you return. 

  4. Create a to-do list and go through each item and ask: “Why is this on my to-do list?”; “What goal is it furthering?”; and “Does this really need to get done?”  Now start crossing things that really don’t need to get done off of your to-do list.

  5. Do one NICE thing for yourself each day and put it on the top of your To Do List. Buy yourself some flowers, take a walk, or spend an extra 15 minutes reading to (or with) your kid. Remember nothing will get done easily and well unless you are able to be as productive as possible.