Tonight we had Dinner in the Shower



Tonight, we ate dinner in the shower. Yes, you heard me right, in the shower. Not a big shower, but a smallish shower fit for one or maybe two amourous people. This night we ate dinner in the shower sitting on the floor with not one, but two adults, a child, and a dog. 

Okay, you ask laughing (I hope).. how did this happen. 

Well, for a number of weeks now, our daughter Zoe-Pascale has been asking us to do something crazy and different -- to eat dinner in the shower. She loves the shower and loves to play in there with her collection of pet shop toys and collection of medieval kings and queens, horses and knights. 

Why the shower? We asked her and her answer was just , because it will be fun. I wish you would play with me in the shower, but if not, let's eat dinner in the shower. 

Week after week we gave excuses; it was too small, how would we fit, why?, it would be uncomfortable, and so on. 

Then she went on and elaborated that now that she was eleven she still needed to be child like and be spontaneous, not so planned like we tended to be (as adults she added). "Okay," who could argue with that. 

This night -- she finally won us over. 

So, I made a big salad that could be eaten with fingers (big lettuce leaves, tomatoes, avocado which we wrapped in the leaves, and a few onions). Accompanying the salad was a pizza cut in bite size pieces knowing that we would not be able to cut it in the shower. Armed with two platters we climbed in to our smallish shower and squeezed down onto the floor with the french poodle snuggling into a little ball. 

For the next fifteen minutes we ate with our fingers, laughed at ourselves and our situation and truly enjoyed the moment of silliness. What else could we do but let her lead us in a spontaneous dinner in the shower all cozy and compact. It wasn't so bad we laughed as we munched away and the smile on her face made it all worthwhile. A little change is good we said again as we tried to move our legs that fell asleep. "Oops there goes the avocado," Zoe said and we laughed again. Doublechecking her intentions, she agreed the water should stay off while we were eating or the pizza would get soggy. -- Thank god for small favors!

So, I ask you, where will you have dinner tomorrow night..