5 Easy steps to get started blogging and maintain the momentum

I don't have time to blog" is a statement I often hear from clients and a legitimate one. The question, however, that any entrepreneur, author, consultant, or coach must ask themselves is, "What is getting in the way of making time?" 


Blogging for entrepreneurs and especially those providing any type of professional service is becoming as important as a business card. It is no longer enough to have a nice website and even a brochure, but followers, fans, potential clients, ongoing clients, and most important your target market are searching for those who have a unique way of helping them to solve their problems. Your blog becomes your calling card to express what you have to offer in a way that is unique to you.


To get you started and keep the momentum going, try following these 5 steps to writing and posting fun blogs that your readers will find of value.




  1. Speak your blog into a digital recorder or an online recorder such as audacity.com. Driving or maybe even taking your daily walk might provide great ideas. Record these ideas and buy a translator program such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and turn your voice into a blog.  Editing once it is transcribed is fast and easy to do.

  2.  If you work with a team, ask them to contribute to the blog. No one said you have to do all the writing or provide all the ideas. Enlist your team to help you.

  3. Include your customers, associates, and partners in blogging with you. Invite key people to contribute to the blog. Possibly ask them questions in which they respond or link your blog to something insightful they have written.

  4. Set a schedule for your blogging. Decide if you will blog once a week, once a day, or every two weeks. Your readers will want to know what to expect from you.  Allow yourself to write drafts of different blogs as ideas pop up and once a week pull one out, edit it, and voila, you have a blog post completed in 15 minutes.

  5. Subscribe to a photo service such as dreamstime.comand you will have easy access to inexpensive photos to support your blogs. Pictures tell a thousand words. If you are an amateur photographer, feel free to include your own photos as well and put your name in the photo credits. This is a great way to develop more of a relationship with your customers.


Enjoy the process and the opportunity to speak directly to your target market and customers and ask for feedback.  


So,, tell me what you think of my blog and what you would like me to write more about. Thanks for reading.