Good Feeling Thoughts -- my one New Years Resolution

This year is all about working the Law of Attraction. In reflecting, the law of attraction has always been in my life (when I am in a good space) and miracles have happened. Yet, I know that I never truly attributed it to what the law of attraction talks about-- Good Feeling Thoughts.  When I am in a flow of Good Feeling Thoughts, my vibrational energy rises and more good things come my way.  


I always thought achieving goals was more about hard work, dedication, persistence, and a vision. Yes this is also important, but what I am realizing more and more each day is that what is getting in my way of having the great life I want is when I go off the deep end into negative thinking, doubts, fears, and impatience.  In reading (and listening) to what the Law of Attraction is about, how simple it is in theory and yet hard it is to train our minds to focus our thoughts consistently.


I am getting more and more clear that achieving the goals, lives, and our potential is all about focusing on those Good Feeling Thoughts, no matter what. Even if I have a hard day, I need to focus my thoughts on what I am appreciating in the moment, what makes me happy right now. Simultaneously (being a practical person) I need to change my thinking to " a looking forward thought." For example, "I am looking forward to all the abundance that is coming into my life and open to the many surprises and people who are coming into my life to support me in achieving what I desire."


So, for this year my one and only New Years resolution and goal is to have "Good Feeling Thoughts" about everything and attract abundance in all areas of my life. It doesn't mean I won't ever feel sad, depressed, defeated, rejected, or worried, but I know that those feelings don't serve me to reach my potential and that is what I want my life to be about.


Love you all and join me in attracting what you want in your life this year.