Sunshine and summer are usually synonymous-- but not here just a smidgin north of the shining Golden Gate. If you live in parts of San Francisco Bay Area (where we are a few miles from from Golden Gate Bridge) the fog seems to take us over and never let up. Well, perhaps from 3-5pm we get a bit of sun, but not enough. Mark Twain's saying, "The coldest winter was the one I spent in San Francisco" rings so true this year. Yes, I have to admit it does depress me and before we lose sight that it is not the middle of winter we drive 5 miles north over the hill to see the blue skies. I am grateful I only have to drive 5 miles or maybe 10 on some days to find sunshine filled hills and hiking trails, but still to not wake up to sunshine in the summer is just not normal. Our time in the south of France spoiled us with its vibrant blue skies and sunshine from morning to night -- maybe global warming will move the fog away or maybe not-- maybe I just have to get out and drive the 5 or 10 or 15 miles to the sunshine hills and when the sun does come out at 3pm, I'll make sure I look up and say thank you -- for every little bit makes me happy.

Suzanne Saxe-Roux