Sun River, Oregon

Sun River, Oregon. August 2009


For the first time in over 18 years we did not spend our summer vacation in France, but instead headed to Oregon and the Sun River Resort. A Resort built in the 60s with plenty of homes and condos to choose from (or the lodge), a village center, two large swimming pools,three golf courses, putting greens, golf practice ranges, a few dozen tennis courts, a world class Spa, 29 miles of bike trails, a stable, and a marina with canoes and rafts ready to float down the slow Deschutes river.


With three bikes in the garage we spent our days riding to and fro all of our activities. Only one day in 7 did we venture into the car for a drive up to Pauline Lake and a hike to the natural hot springs on the far side. Even on that one day in the car we spent most of the day out in nature, collecting Obsedian rocks from the volanic caldera that formed the lake, lazing about in the steaming out water by the shore and hiking around the lake.


Each morning we would take time to read in bed with our daughter squeezed between us, drink our coffee, and wait until the urge hit us to get up and move on out. With backpacks packed and saddled onto the back of our bikes we headed out for the tennis courts and the pool, or the golf range, the stables, or a picnic on the river while floating with the current. The ease and peacefulness even in the heat of summer was for the taking. No rushing, no traffic (except once in awhile on the bike) and simple living outdoors. Riding by a friends rental house we would stop by and say hello and check in.


When was the last time you dropped in on someone (let alone by bike)? It is something from the past or from the life we lived in our small village in France where everything was close by, convenient, and easy to walk or bike to. How we missed it and loved living this way again at Sun River.



So once again we were able to create what we so love, the easy simpler way of living.


If you haven't been to Sun River I highly recommend it for a family vacation, reunions, and a week of relaxation and heaven for everyone of all ages.