Dogs and Healthy Joyful Living

Everyone knows that dogs love you no matter what. They never get angry. They never get mad. They never turn their back on you. They just love. On NPR today the subject was dogs. To my astonishment the expert went on to discuss the strong benefits of having a dog for children and how a dog teaches them a great deal of living a well socialized healthy life and helps a child to mature into adulthood more easily.  Who is to argue, while mom and dad are yelling about getting homework done the dog is just loving your child. Now that we have 5 puppies (at least for awhile) I'll watch for 5 times the benefit of joy as not only our daughter plays with these beauties but while we become children again as we watch them romp and play and sleep on top of each other in one big clump. Yes, the puppies just reminded me of how wonderful it is to climb into bed together with my husband and daughter and hug, laugh, and just cuddle --- off to cuddle!