Zoe-Pascale's Star Performance as Queen of France

Our life in France is now in part of Zoe's blood and possibly was as a past life. This week she performed Anne D'Autriche - Louis IV mother Queen of France. Working closely with the director, Helene this past 5 months she has learned the art of acting and getting into character. Combined with her love of French history and the elegance of the court of Louis IV she took to the character and gave the performance of her short life. Dressed in an elegant costume made by a friend (one of the parents) and her hair in an updo (after 2 hours curling her hair) she took on the persona of the Queen and acted like any noble Queen mother would when her son wanted to marry someone she didn't approve of. Not only did she surprise her parents, but her teachers, friends, and the audience with her passion and ability to portray the Queen mother.  It could be we have an actress in the midst or she pulled on her love of France and history. Whatever the reason it was a wonderful day and Pantoufle celebrated with us by giving us 5 puppies. 

Suzanne Saxe-Roux