Friends are Forever - Virtual as they may be

Living far and wide our dear friend Roxanne told me, "You have a virtual community. You have friends everywhere." So true her statement is and I try to remember it where ever we live and when it's possible to get together it is so very special. ... And that is what happened this weekend. Roxanne who we have known since graduate school (do I say 30 years) turned a wonderul age (which I will not mention)... In celebration of her birthday Jean and I spontaneously (yes within two weeks) were able to gather friends far and wide from our group of "wild women" (all connected back to our university years somehow). With spouses included and some children as well we gathered Saturday afternoon to await her arrival.

A surprise party as you know is hard to come by.. Who actually is ever surprised? But to our joy, as she walks around the house to the terrace, 16 wonderful friends shouted "Surprise." Falling to the ground in shock and joy she leaned on her husband as to say, "Did you know?" "How did you get here?" She whispered. "I can't believe you drove so far" she repeated hugging and hugging each and every person.

The sunshine beamed down at us as we drank glasses of red wine and meandered down to the Tiburon path along the bay. Like a herd of cattle we mosyed along talking, walking, strolling, and hugging each other arm in arm. Too little time, too much to say. Some of us hadn't seen each other in years, others in months, others but once a year.



Platters of gourmet cheese and baguettes, dips and chips, casseroles, vegetables, salads and lasagna were served. Toasts and roasts, poems, a ballet from Zoe and a tribute to Dancing Queen. Last a cake with candles and wish for all to have a "Blessed year ahead for all to enjoy."

A virtual community is wonderful, but once in awhile, or more than awhile, the joy of getting together with friends far and wide is irreplaceable and will last us for many more moons!