Finding a new Way-- And who said being a writer was fun

This past weekend I attended the San Francisco Writer's Conference-- 3 jam packed days of hour long sessions, great speakers, and an opportunity to speed date with agents (and I thought I was done with dating forever)!  I left the conference armed with data that 83% of Americans dream of writing a bookand there are 17 million unpublished "how to"books and 14 million people pay per year to engage creative writing workshops and classes--- And I thought we were unique. Then the speaker went on to say, 7% of all books equal 87% of book sales in traditional bookstores with 93% of all books published selling less than 1000 copies. Overwhelmed I realized even more the challenges of traditional book publishing and if (no, when) our book is in hands of thousands (not a thousand) hands it will be because of our push through internet marketing and creative networking. This was mirrored in the numerous sessions on internet marketing and building your platform. ---


So back to speed dating, by the time I got to see the agents I had met with a few editors for feedback (great free advice) and other writers--- as a result I changed the title 3 times and finally heard someone say, your book is the next "French Women Don't Get Fat for Families." Voila -- that's it.. Bringing French ideas to the American overstressed, busy famiy.


More later... oh we are off to France and Geneva to pick up our Carte de Sejour-- just in case.