Made everyday feel like a birthday

Birthday celebrations I believe are very important at all ages and meant to be celebrated, but why?


The history of birthday celebrations dates back (or so they believe) to the period when humans began to tell time and could count that a year had passed. The story goes that men, women, and children surrounded themselves with friends, food, and noisemakers to ward off evil spirits around the time of their birthday. Having a party and being noisy protected them from anything bad that would come into our lives. Today we may not believe we are warding off evil spirits, but indeed we are bringing the opposite- joy- into our day.  


That brings me back to the point that why do we reserve one day a year to treat ourselves special, why not have the intention of celebrating our life everyday. In turn, we can do the same for others with a simple wish of a great day, a song, a lighting of the candles, and especially treating ourselves and others with kindness.


Today is my daughter’s 10th birthday. She woke up early, climbed into bed and had a huge grin on her face in the dark shadows of the early morning light. “I’m so happy?” She said. “It’s my special day.” Her comment started me thinking about the importance of birthdays being a special day when your friends call you and sing to you, you share in a meal or cake with other friends and family, and most important you are extra kind to yourself by slowing down, treating yourself to a walk, a massage, or maybe a gift.


I then began to wonder, why can’t we make everyday (or at least more than once a year) a splendid day when all is good in the world? Why do we reserve this one day a year to  wide smiles and off-tune Happy Birthday songs, treating ourselves well, and lighting candles sending wishes up into the universe?


A few thoughts on how to celebrate your own life and those you love everyday.


• Light candles for breakfast, for dinner, or for both and blow them out while making a wish for the day
• Treat yourself or someone else by making them feel like a queen or king for the day. My favorite one is when my husband serves me and my daughter coffee and tea in bed in the early morning before we have to get up. It truly marks the day as special
• Call someone and tell them to have a great day. Better yet, sing to them if you dare.
• Do one nice thing for yourself each day; take a walk, listen to music, spend a few extra minutes reading leisurely.
• Share a delicious piece of dark chocolate with a friend or colleague and wish them a special day.
• Walk up, telling yourself, “Today is my day and great things are coming to me!”


Celebrate your life everyday! Have a great day and if it is your birthday, extra wishes to you!


And why you are at it, tell the Mom and Dad congratulations also for bringing this fabulous human being into the world physically, emotionally or both!