Congratulations to the mom's of the birthday kid

By the end of the day I was exhausted and thrilled my daughter had a terrific 10th birthday.


The preparation, the planning, the gathering of decorations, cake, and treats not to mention deciding with Zoe what outfit to wear to her "Hair,Nails, Makeup, and Fashion" party was over and I was simply fatigued.  The last bit was to upload photos to send to my family and friends -- a new dimension to party giving --the after party photos. A few minutes later, Jean and Zoe pop around to my space at the dining room table and said, "Come here, we have a surprise." I could tell she was hiding something behind her back and had her cheshire cat smile back on her face surrounded by her glamour updo she had received at the party. 


"Here maman." she said. "Here Honey." He said there are because you are such a wonderful mother and we thank you for the great job you did to bring Zoe into the world."


Behind her back she slowly brought out a bouquet of  beautiful seasonal autumn flowers.
"I love you." "We love you." Tears rolled down my face as we hugged each other in a circle.
"Thank you." I said, "I needed that." I truly did. I needed a small reminder of why we do what we do.


My sister tells me that the mothers need a special wish as much as the children. I think that is true. We give birth in some way whether it is physical, emotional or both and we give our hearts, time, energy, love, and life to these little things that grow up so beautifully. There is something about being wished a huge thank you on my daughters birthday that makes my heart pound, tears flow, and a big smile be drawn on my face as well.


So next time, say congratulations to the mom and watch the eyes water and glisten with a big thank-you.