A New Year 2009

How is it possible that it is 2009 already. Yes time is going faster. It is not our imagination. With this in mind life takes on new meaning - or at least a new way of looking at our life and those around us. Our watchword this year is EASE OF LIVING. Continuing with our journey we realized we have changed in being in France and our experience there has changed our DNA. We are motivated now primarily by Ease of Living, healthy, joyful, living. Like all motivations and goals it takes time to create and once there it changes again, but for now we will evaluate our activities, our decisions, our goals against the three criteria of does it make us feel and become healthy. Does it bring us joy, and is there ease of living.

This past holiday vacation we made a decision to stay at home and enjoy both San Francisco, the city, and the nature around us. Jean (who doesn't have ease of living with his commute right now) wanted to hang out and do whatever motivated us without driving in traffic. (So of course, I drove when there was a little traffic into the city)! We entertained in small groups- loving my new method of easy meals I learned in France and visiting with friends and family. The small groups allowed us to delve into great conversations and connect at a deeper level. Each day we took a long walk on the path by the water lingering over the migrating birds and the smooth glassy sea. Some days we ventured onto the dirt paths on Mt. Tam or overlooking the bay stepping delicately around the mudpuddles from the night rain. By night we read by the fireplace, played cards and watched the DVD HBO series Rome. As a splurge we treated ourselves to a small French lunch at a bistro on the water and slurped the curry wine sauce poured over fresh mussels - a meal I truly miss.


What a great mantra for 2009!! We wish you all well!