Sunshine Does Make a Difference

It's January and unseasonably warm (low 70s) this past week with bright sunshine and blue sky. What more could you want-- especially in January. Moving back to the Bay Area one of our fears was a long cold dreary winter with gray skies and lots of rain. Global warming or perhaps the Greek Gods Aeolus - the wind god, Zeus who was responsible for thunderbolts, and Poseidon  responsible for Marine Weather are being gentle to us this year. 

As a result of this bright sunshine everyone seems a bit happier, a bit lighter on their feet, a bit more gentle with each other. Jean who is exhausted from his commute (yes we will be changing that in the future) said the sunshine made his commute easier. He stared out at the blue sky and let himself walk slowly to the parking lot. He felt more alive. The sun and sky seems to have energized everyone to take a walk as the trails are busier than usual and people are smiling.

So if the day is full of sunshine, get out there as it is renewing to the spirit and the body - a two for one! 


Small JoysSuzanne Saxe-Roux