A Question about Shoes and Simplicity

In our transition to streamline, simplify and get rid of unnecessary clutter I sat staring at two boxes too big for one person to carry alone. Tucked behind was my duffel bag of shoes I brought back from France. Granted I threw away a few pair before we left, but all in all I bet I was fashionable with 3 pair of boots (brown, black and red), one pair of running shoes, a pair of hiking boots and trail shoes, a comfy black leather mule, a green cole haan walking shoe, green and orange flipflops, black sandals, a pair of black professional shoes for work, and a two pair of higher heels for summer evenings.  Seeing that on paper it seems like alot but at least I know each pair were worn throughout the year.  Now however, I am faced with at least 4-5 dozen more shoes that I haven't seen in three years.


"A system." I say to myself. "I need to a system." Pile #1; ugly, old, done. Pile #2, old comfort shoes - think about. Pile #3, useful - think about. Pile #4 Wow, I forgot about these. Pile #4 Absolutely, I missed them.


An hour later I sorted, sifted, tried on and whiddled my shoe collection down to about 2 dozen- a major feat. Still too many I'm thinking looking at my colorful collection of fun tennis shoes in six different colors and sandals of every shape and form and three pairs of comfy velvet and patent leather hush puppies in black, navy , and red. What is a girl to do?


Still talking to myself, I buy a hanging shoe holder and fit in a good dozen. Each pair I tell myself I will wear this winter once (before the end of the year) and decide if they are a fashion statement (still???) or a must keep. If not, out they go.


For every pair of shoes I buy, I will throw one away. How many heels do you need to wear to a wedding which I am rarely invited to these days. Except, I remind myself, Zoe-Pascale loves to play dress-up and the heels are for her benefit as well as mine.


Shoes I realize tend to stay around longer. No matter what my weight is they still fit. Not matter how much I wear them, they still are in pretty good shape and until someone tells me, "that round toe boot has got to go," (just kidding I know It had to go) it sure is hard to say goodbye to each and every pair of shoes.


I decided to think about (I said think) taking a lesson from my daughter. At eight years old and growing fast, I can't afford to buy her too many shoes. As a result, she has a total of about eight pairs of shoes at any given time; two tennis shoes (one more sturdy than the other), two school shoes, a pair of sandals, a pair of flip flops, one or two boots, and a pair of patent leather dress shoes. Given she gets a new set every 6 months with her growing feet it's not a bad way to go.


Maybe I should just chuck all my shoes at once and start fresh every year, or minimally get rid of all fashion no, no's (like my hush puppies) and discard a pair whenever I buy a new one.


I'll let you know how it all works out as this is a problem for all women wherever they live in the world.


So, the old age question still exists; how many shoes does a girl need? If you have an answer let me know.