December in France - 2007

The end of the year came and went and December flew by. In doing a bit of catch up I'm going to post a few highlights.


CHORALE - Zoe-Pascale joined the Canard Sauvage and Canetons (Wild Ducks and Ducklings) this year. A chorus that is for adults and children. Every Tuesday after school she practices with the other kids ranging from 7-18 and is learning to sing in 6  languages; French, English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, and Slavic. This December she performed in 7 concerts in 11 and 12th century cathedrals throughout the Uzes area. Dressed in reds, pinks, yellows and oranges they were a beautiful sight to see as well as hear. Accompanying the singers were some of the adult muscians playing piano, flute, violin, harmonica, guitar, cello, and bass.


One mom told me her daughter last year was scared to sing and this year after building confidence she has a trio solo with two other kids. I would have loved to hear Zoe sing anywhere but there is something about the accoustics and and ambiance these old cathedrals have that add a special joy.




Notice the beautiful pink and orange knitted shawl Zoe-Pascale is wearing - I made it!!!








This year we had the opportunity to celebrate Haunakah with two English families in Uzes who we have recently become friendly with this year. It was great to do so as we miss our friends who we have always celebrated the Holidays with in Northern California. Candles were lit, latkes were eaten and the kids played dredil.








Zoe lighting the candles with my makeshift menorah that melted if the candles burned too low....








Ballet Show



Madame Lilly Ann put on a little show for the parents to see progress for the year. A beautiful sight!












































Our friend Craig came for the weekend via Frankfut where he was working for a few days. It was wonderful to spend time with him and share our life with him. A trip to Uzes, Avignon, and a lot of wine and talk...


 I always love him for teaching me to applaud for the flowers that grow when I take a walk as they work so hard at bringing us such beauty... Try it some day it lifts your heart!