Wednesdays are for Children

Springtime has arrived and the tiny yellow flowers are seen under the vineyards and through the valleys. However, the mistral decided to rear it's head last week and we had one week of cold winds and blue sky. We almost forgot what it felt like as it was so mild this winter. Out came our winter coats for a week and now back to light sweaters. We love springtime. There is something about it that makes you want to smile, sit in the sun and stare up at the sky while warming your face, take walks through the flowers and buy new plants for our small courtyard garden.


Today was Wednesday which I have come to love as a day of activity with a bit of respite in between. We get up a bit later (about 8:00) which means we all go to bed a bit later having a mini Friday night. By 9am we are in the car driving the 5km to Uzes for Zoe-Pascale's ballet class. I usually do this trip alone but sometimes Jean comes along. I sit (or we) and have a petite cafe creme (trying to get off cafe more), wander through the organic farmer's market in the Place l'herbes, buy a newspaper and maybe do an errand if needed. At 11am Zoe-Pascale is finished. We take a short walk into the main shopping area and go to the used bookstore to buy her some 306 page French Mickey Mouse comic books. She devours them like they are ice cream and every few days we replenish our stock, buying and selling old ones. However our stack at home is getting bigger as she now decided she wants to collect them all!  Our next stop is often Salon de Tea especially when it was cold for a cup of tea and sometimes lunch. If not, we'd head on home and join Jean and Pantoufle for lunch a la chez Saxe-Roux. 




By 2:00 we are back to Uzes in Karate apparel until 3:15. The other day Zoe showed Jean how she could defend herself and we were amazed at her ability. You wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley!


The rest of the day we just hang out, read, do a bit of homework, take a walk, a bath, etc. and then we only have 2 1/2 days more of school.  Voila!  I know that I will definitely miss Wednesdays.



Always the Fashion Queen













Zoe's class went on an outing to Collias where they went Escalading (mountain climbing). This is here in the pink scaling down the mountain. She loved it and said at the end of the day when we asked her what she learned, "Even if something looks scary, you should try it cause it might be fun."   Words of wisdom from the mouth of babe!