A French Chorale

 Big performances for the month of December as Zoe-Pascale has joined the Canard Sauvage and the Canetons.  Singing in 5 languages she proudly stands in the front row all dressed in festive colors of orange, red, and pink. Her high soprano voice is quiet and sweet as she listens to the other chorale singers and the director. 
 The beauty of singing in 11th century churches in various villages makes you feel like you are back in the days of the old languedocians. The music vibrated from the stone walls as the children and adults sang their hearts out!


Side note: Notice the fabulous knitted red and orange shawl Zoe-Pascale is wearing. I knitted it!!! Yes I knitted it! Some wonderful yarn I found in Uzes and a little (well alot) of help from my french teacher Maryse in reading the pattern I knitted away! Love those colors!