Zoe-Pascale's 8th Birthday

On October 16, Zoe-Pascale celebrated her 8th birthday. As the saying goes, "I can remember the day she was born." and as we tell her, "she popped out with a big smile saying "BONJOUR."  Eight years old is a great expansive year when all looks good with the world. Happy, content, easy, engaged, and also opinionated, she loves life. At her request we decided on a real kid's party with 20 friends (or whoever showed up which turned out to be 12 with all the Wednesday afternoon activiites). Who shows up is actually who should be there !!!


Our house is too small for 12 let alone 20 kids and so we rented our neighbors villa for the day which they rent out to vacationers. Lucky for us no one was in the house that week. After inviting 20 kids, we hired two teenagers, Esme and Claire to run the games and do some preparation. After discussing some old try and true; pin the tail on the donkey, water balloon toss, musical chairs, and dunk for apples. Claire said she would make a pinata out of a balloon and paper mache and they would make up a parcel (a present wrapped 18 times with a toy or candy in each wrap) for Pass the Parcel done to music.  


Jean and I were in charge of cake, photos and following behind picking up the liter, dropped eggs (from egg relay) and squished smarties from the pinata.


For 2 1/2 hours the kids ran after Esme and Claire like they were little ducklings following the duck. "What game is next." they all yelled. Laughing, giggling, running, jumping they looked like 12 little energized rabbits high on sugar.


Angela, Colleen, Emeline, Rose, Zoe, Cidgey












To Zoe-Pascale she had the best party she could remember and it was all she wanted it to be. And for us having a simple party with games, two teenagers to lead it, cake and candy it was perfect!   oh and the weather was stupendous which helped!!!





















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